By staff February 3, 2008

A play-by-play of my Super Bowl super-spread.


By Judi Gallagher


It is 3:00 pm on Super Bowl Sunday. As a pre-game warm up, I have marinated the flank steaks (six pounds in all) with a mixture of coca-cola (not diet), fresh ginger, garlic, brown sugar, cilantro and soy sauce. I have 48 mini potato rolls in a huddle on my largest platter waiting to be topped with the grilled flank steak, shredded lettuce and blue cheese sauce at approximately 6:25 p.m., just after kick off.


There are approximately four gallons of homemade New England clam chowder in its last stages of thickening before the first teams of eaters arrive.


The 40-something drumettes, (that resemble offensive linemen) have been marinating in mojo juice with tequila and limes for two-plus days. The grill will be ready for their kick off at 5:55.


The Honey Baked Ham, originally $75, but my neighbor intercepted a coupon so it only cost $29—SCORE!!—will be sliced and put on biscuits and set on the counter to meet room temperature before the two-minute warning at half time. During that play, the two pans of homemade macaroni and cheese from Cousin Connie will be passed to the lower oven while the top oven tackles the chipotle-barbecue wings; and at the half—the buttermilk biscuits. After a little break to dance to Tom Petty and catch a cute commercial, I will welcome the second half with lemon pound cake with blueberry compote and the Boston cream pie, which I hope will make this the most PERFECT dessert in game day history.  The safety of two chocolate decadence desserts thanks to the special team of friends and Desserts to Go and a batch of red velvet cupcakes will bring this meal to the end zone—and hey, I don’t even like football!

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