Circus Sarasota

By staff February 4, 2008


Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages, Circus Sarasota takes flight once more.


By Kay Kipling


Now in its 11th year of bringing circus artists to town, Circus Sarasota hasn’t failed yet to introduce new and exciting acts, many performing for the first time in this country. Their run continues with the current show, called “Soaring to New Heights,” under the Big Top at the corner of 12th Street and Tuttle Avenue.


The certain, just right mix of performances needs to be developed, of course, and it’s done well here by founder Pedro Reis. Moving from a horse act to juggling to clowning to quick change flash to aerial star Dolly Jacobs, this outing skims along swiftly and entertainingly.


Among the highlights: juggler Daniel Hochsteiner, who dazzles the audience as he tosses in the air colorful tennis racquets and defies the laws of physics; White Crow, wherein Carole Demers athletically flips and twists above the Russian bar held by her two male partners; Crazy Flight, featuring four Ukrainians in whiteface doing a voltage act that’s by turns scary and amusing; the Poemas, a foot-juggling family act where the spotlight is in danger of being stolen by son Adrian, just six years old; and the antics of Italian clown Jimmy Folco, who manages to score genuine laughs with just a kiddie pool and some Jaws music. One of the best bits in the show, in fact, is another Folco routine where he pulls together a four-piece band using volunteers from the audience.


Circus Sarasota performances continue through Feb. 24; for tickets call 355-9805 or visit





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