Rescue Mission

By staff January 14, 2008

How great home-delivered BBQ saved us during our kitchen redo.


By Judi Gallagher



 I first tried Nancy Krohngold’s BBQ at a friend’s party several months back. The pulled pork was nothing short of stupendous, and the butter pickles and coleslaw as good as I can recall. Nancy was not there that evening, but I knew our dining paths would pass again.


Sure enough, during my ungodly kitchen demolition, the sweetest e-mail came across my desk from none other than Ms. BBQ herself—Nancy of Nancy’s BBQ. In reading this blog, she thought I might be in need of a good hearty meal and insisted on sending over a dinner for four. As soon as I got down from the couch doing the happy dance, (watch out Tom Cruise) I replied with a resounding YES, YES, YES!


A few weeks later on a rainy Friday evening, my saint of the BBQ herself rang the doorbell. Loaded with what seemed like an endless mountain of carry-out bags, Nancy proceeded to unpack BBQ chicken, as tender and flavorful with a sweet smokiness as I have ever had, along with the infamous pulled pork with sides of pickles, coleslaw, rolls, succotash, potato salad, cheesy potatoes, mac-n-cheese, ribs and a few desserts to boot. Although kitchen designer Ron Cook refused to sketch a likeness of Saint BBq on my new kitchen backsplash, my husband and I and our neighbors on my cul de sac thank Nancy for an amazing experience.



Nancy's Hickory BBQ hits all the right notes.


You can pick up Nancy’s Hickory BBQ on the corner of 13th Street on Thursdays and Fridays, or place an order by calling her at 955-3400.


And I would be remiss to not thanks Margaret Cook for her outstanding lasagna and meatballs, Marsha Fottler for her fabulous glazed ham and macaroni and cheese, Sean Murphy and Susan Timmins for offering not only their kitchen but their son’s bedroom during the mess, and my friend Roxanne for opening her kitchen to us whenever I had an urge to turn on a burner or broil a tomato. As for Paulette and Ruth—we are SO taking you up on your IOU’s for a dinner over your places even though ours is now done!


And to all the readers and viewers who e-mailed and invited us to dinner—humble thanks.


What’s your favorite BBQ place? Please post your comments below.
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