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By staff May 29, 2007

As I prepare to fly off to Treviso, a trip to the Ringling Museum’s Treviso restaurant makes sense.


By Judi Gallagher


Now that I have packed and repacked, and repacked again, I am ready to head to Treviso, Venice and Florence, Italy, with a few days left over to sip wine with Salvatore Ferragamo at Il Borro winery. It seemed only fitting to stop over at Treviso restaurant in the Ringling Museum (941-360-7390) as a send-off.


Treviso Restaurant, named after our sister city just north of Venice, is a delightful café. I highly recommend the blue-cheese-crusted sirloin steak for dinner and the chicken salad platter at lunch. Both are executed with flavor and a special treat even if you are not touring the grounds of the museum.  A new Sunday a la carte brunch began on Mother’s Day and seems to be a popular choice with locals since season has ended, Stay tuned for next season as they announce a combined dinner and theater ticket with the Asolo next door.

Treviso's new sirloin steak with blue cheese


And because woman can not live on Italian cuisine alone, I also ventured over to KanPai, the new sushi/tapas restaurant at the corner of Clark and Honore. Seems like that is the restaurant block, as Gecko’s opened earlier this year at that shopping strip along with Pinchers, a Ft. Myers-based casual seafood spot. KanPai (941-927-4545) won my heart at first sight. Sleek and clean, it reminds me of a Japanese restaurant you would find in a large city.  It is always a good sign at an Asian restaurant when the place is filled with New Yorkers—they seem to know all the good Asian spots. Goma ae, a dish of blanched spinach drizzled with sesame and miso, deserves an award for simple pleasure, as does the fresh escolar, sliced raw with a touch of soy sauce and ginger. And the selection of top-shelf sakes is wonderful. The owners built the furniture themselves—sleek backless stools, so if you need support, head to the back table and lean against the wall. 

The ultra-cool interiors at Kan Pai.


Do you have a favorite new restaurant in town? Post your comments below or e-mail me at [email protected]


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