Bites of Heaven

By staff May 7, 2007

Perfection at La Tosca; wishes come true and more.


By Judi Gallagher


 You know when friends play the game, “What would you pick for your last meal?” Well, chefs and food critics can never fathom a last meal. Instead, we prefer to play the game, “If you were stranded on an island and could only have one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be?”

Make a Wish star Beth Malden


 Last night brought my clear and resounding answer at La Tosca Ristorante in Osprey. Fresh homemade parpadelle pasta with sweet sausage and Parmesan cheese is now my new favorite food in this world, and if the island happens to be Casey Key (just seconds over the bridge from La Tosca restaurant), well, go ahead and strand me now. GianLuca and his lovely wife, Jane, opened this Italian gem in mid-November, and ever since the word on the street is perfecto!

Gianluca and Jane make magic as owners of La Tosca


I often judge a restaurant on its soup. A great chef makes a fabulous soup, and there’s no exception at La Tosca. The evening’s specials included pasta fagioli as a starter, and the chef showed his true colors from the outset. Tiny al dente tubes of pasta in a flavorful but light chicken stock with white Tuscan beans—what can I say other than superb. It was no wonder that another special of the evening, osso bucco, was nothing short of amazing. La Tosca’s braised veal shank is as tender as I can recall, and it’s embraced in homemade noodles—again a perfect al dente to marry with the braising sauce. If this is my culinary destiny, I am sailing off.


La Tosca Ristorante Italiano and Lounge

 576 Blackburn Point Road, Osprey (941) 918-8041

Can you say melt in your mouth Osso Bucco?


     This past week also embraced a night of wishes for the annual Make-A-Wish gala. Phil Mancini sent along grilled flank steak and a chocolate fountain, among other tasty items. (By the way, Phil, congratulations on being named one of the country’s best caterers.) Also, The Colony put on a scrumptious splash with shots of chilled sweet pea soup with spicy lobster and mini ahi tuna tacos for the annual Still Life in Motion to benefit SPARCC and The Women’s Resource Center. Best part, the items were truly mini, small one-bite delicacies that didn’t stain our new BCBG garments. After all, it is a style event, isn’t it?

sweet pea  shots served with a flair


Next on my plate? A few steak dinners, some sushi at a new spot on Clark, and Mother’s Day. Stay tuned.


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