Breakfast of Champions

By staff March 20, 2007

I don’t like breakfast or early-morning socializing. But sometimes it’s worth breaking my rule.


By Judi Gallagher


I’m not one for breakfast food, or for socializing before 10 a.m., but on Sunday, somefriends convinced me to meet them for a late breakfast. To tempt me even further, the restaurant was my choice, and that was a no-brainer—it had to be Word of Mouth. Located in Gulf Gate, (a second location has opened on Cattleman, but it’s not as cute, I hear) Word of Mouth has become the breakfast place for homemade blueberry pancakes, freshly baked scones and pleasant service. And I love that they offer an endless possibility of lunch foods in the morning. While one friend was enjoying the chocolate-stuffed croissant French toast, another raved about the corned beef hash with poached eggs and a side garden salad with balsamic dressing. I chose a hearty combination of a grilled Reuben on rye with a spinach salad and cinnamon scone. Talk about having it your way! Word of Mouth is located at 6604 Gateway Ave. (941-925-2400.)

Scrumptious Scones at Word of Mouth


For several years now, my friends Michael and Lynn McDonald have been trying to convince me to meet them at Solorzano’s Italian restaurant. Since Lynn and I are in the middle of our plans for this year’s Recipe for Happiness – A Day for Women (stay tuned for more information on this event in a future issue of Sarasota Magazine) Lynn decided a dinner meeting over Solorzano’s pasta with ricotta and marinara sauce and antipasti platter might inspire me. That was an understatement!

The perfect starter at Solorzano's


After just one bite of the linguini and clam sauce, I was hooked. Solorzano’s is truly one of those classic neighborhood Italian restaurants you find in Jersey, right down to the accents and the “I dunnos.” Their homemade lasagna rivals the best I have ever had, and I can hardly wait to put their veal Parmesan to my test. Even the bread is homemade and delicious, with chunky seasoned garlic oil to lather on. As I watched, the tiny room filled up with hungry locals. Almost every table ordered the antipasti and sizzling platters of eggplant Parmesan, veal and chicken Parmesan and manicotti. Everyone seems to be a regular, knows everyone else and the house rules—eat up and get going. Solorzano’s is located at 2117 Siesta Drive (941-906-9444).


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